Dome Maintenance

In the old days when most residential roofs were made from cedar shakes, all home owners knew that to prolong the life of the roof it would need maintenance, typically in the form of an applicator spraying or brushing linseed oil on to the wood every so many years. If they neglected the maintenance, the shakes would first discolor, then begin to split, and eventually deteriorate so much that the roof could no longer shed all the water. The result was a leaky roof, which caused all sorts of havoc to a building.

Domes are somewhat similar. They are built with a fabric skin (sometimes called membrane) that eventually breaks down under the sun’s harmful UV light and other weather.

This often starts to happen when the dome is 12-15 years old, and even faster under corrosive conditions. Once the outer fabric weakens, the layer of polyurethane foam insulation can corrode very quickly. Mold can result, and pests could make their home there. Leaks are not uncommon, which begins to weaken the layer of concrete. The concrete is the strength of the structure.

Insect Damage to Foam

Insects found their way into the foam layer. Be sure to schedule preventative maintenance so you can avoid this level of damage.

It is not wise for Dome owners to wait until the layer is deteriorated so much that the dome structure itself begins to weaken. It is better to schedule maintenance before damage even occurs.

Contact DRS to schedule your dome maintenance before your investment is weakened.