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Flat Roof Repairs

DRS offers a wide variety of flat roof repair solutions. Whether your roof is an EPDM or vinyl membrane, TPO, or even an open concrete deck, we have worked on them all and have the experience to handle even the most complex of projects.

We also understand how important it is to continue to your own operations without a major interruption. A lot of companies put major projects, like their roof, off for far too long because they can’t afford to be shut down or have their serious interruptions to their own operations. We get that—but—we’ve worked on some of the most challenging roofs there are without shutting down any of our clients. We work around your schedule and get the job done. 

With any big project, communication is key. And you can expect clear communication, frequent updates, and appraisal of anything you need to know. 

Types of Flat Roofs We Repair

Modified Bitumen Roof (MBR sometimes known as an asphalt roof)

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin, sometimes known as a rubber membrane)

EPDM membrane (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer, another type of rubber membrane)

Concrete Deck

Foamed Flat Surfaces

Metal Sheeting

Each one of these types of roofs requires a different solution. Most of the time, especially on huge roofs, there are multiple leaks and many of them are hidden and hard to find. And you can be sure, that if a part of your roof is failing and easy to see where the failure is, there are other parts failing that are difficult to find.

When We Repair a Roof, We Do It Right, and We Do It Safe

We give a free evaluation of your project and will then discuss the best options for your roof. This is not code for the most expensive option that works best for us—we mean it when we say we will discus the best option for you and your project. 

The most important things to us are that your project is done safely and correctly. Once we get the green light and materials are in, we take the first day to properly set up to ensure safety and workflow. From there, we always harness off when required; have multiple, daily equipment checks; keep you informed of progress, as well as anything you need to know; and get the job done fast.


We Repair Your Roof Without Interruption Your Operations

This needs to have its own section because of how strongly we feel about it. If you talk to any of our past customers, you’ll find out that we never interrupted their operations. We understand the costs of having to shut down or even how getting everyone to move vehicles during the middle of the day.

Now, with that last part, getting people to park in other areas—part of the initial inspection process is seeing how we can work with you to make sure that we can fulfill our part without interruption. Depending on the nature of your facility, there can be concern for overspray, which we want to avoid at all costs. So we take the time to figure out where ideal parking places are. Some businesses, though simply don’t have the room for their employees park anywhere else, even when overspray is a concern. There are a variety of solutions that we have from working on off hours or even covering vehicles. 


If you need your roof repaired, we believe that you should have the option of doing so. It is vital that you have the ability to protect your health and your business. As such we have partnered with a national financing company to offer you easy financing terms and conditions so that you can afford your roofing needs.


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