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Ag Tank Coatings

Storage Tanks of all sorts leak, even the new ones. Depending on what type of operation you have, and how caustic it is, coatings to your tanks become imperative. 

Depending on what you’re storing in your tanks, having a leak can cause anything from loss of material to serious shutdowns, even involving government agencies. We like to avoid those shutdowns and prevent them from happening.

But the reality is, is that any time there is a leak, there is a chance of a shutdown happening which costs much more than just the cost of lost material. 

Every tank has several inherit weak points. At any point there is a seam or a weld there is a possible leak. The top of the tank also has several weak points, simply because that’s where the most weathering happens. 

Silo Coatings

Leaking creates dangerous problems with climbing costs, as excess moisture not only spoils grain it also causes explosions. We’ve seen burst silos, spoiling all of the grain.

We have inspected small grain bins to million bushel silos that have significant leaking, and in the process have identified the problem areas.

DRS has pioneered a solution that works. We are able to restore your silos and elevators with minimal to no disruption to your operations! Many companies are concerned about the price of operational disruption, and rightly so. But we can get the work done without disruption. Part of that comes from experience. Part of that comes from communication. And Part of that comes from be willing to work the off hours.



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